Our Mission:

  • Support First Nations communities in managing mountain pine beetle epidemic through implementation of the BC First Nations Mountain Pine Beetle Action Plan including addressing development and capacity issues at the community level
  • Work with governments and others to ensure that First Nations needs, values, and principles are factored into forestry-related policy and program development, including monitoring, evaluating, influencing and providing policy advice and research
  • Promote forestry-related opportunities for First Nations
  • Providing effective communications to First Nations, governments and the general public with respect to forestry-related matters and the mountain pine beetle infestation
  • Working with partner organizations, such as the First Nations Leadership Council and others, to increase efficiencies and benefits to First Nations communities
  • Advocate on forestry matters on behalf of First Nations communities


In September 2005, the BC First Nations Leadership Council convened a meeting of First Nations Chiefs to discuss the MPB infestation and the ways and means of accessing funds to address the situation. The meeting was held in Prince George, BC and was attended by over 100 representatives of concerned First Nations. Participants discussed priority issues and drafted a First Nations Mountain Pine Beetle Action Plan.A First Nations Mountain Pine Beetle Working Group was struck to work with governments and others to implement the First Nations Mountain Pine Beetle Action Plan. In 2006, this Working Group was firmly established as the BC First Nations Forestry Council.


The First Nations Forestry Council is governed by a board of directors composed of: representatives from the First Nations Summit, the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, and the BC Assembly of First Nations. The FNFC is politically accountable to the First Nations Leadership Council, and the First Nations of BC.