Membership Benefits and Services

Dues received from membership plans will go directly to providing core funding to the First Nations Forestry Council to provide services that are directed by and benefit our First Nations communities and businesses.

 1) Advocacy:

  • Ability to participate in advocacy and support for tenure reform and legislation
  • Development of a BC First Nations Forest Strategy
  • Critical review of previous Action Plan and development of revised five year Action Plan
  • Development of new five year Action Plan
  • Enhance opportunities for First Nations that are meaningful and long-term.

2) Networking:

  • Mandate to foster development of forestry business opportunities
  • (1) FNFC Board of Directors member representation (Business Membership)
  • Networking and business development skills through events and workshops
  • Connect with forestry experts and resources across BC
  • FREE Advertising branding and awareness of business on website

3) Research/Education:

  • Access to reports and publications produced by FNFC
  • Link into an organization that has partnerships with universities, government, and other industry networks.
  • Newsletter and access to industry news, job postings, etc. related to Aboriginal Forestry.
  • Online discussion forums on forestry issues

4) Discounts:

  • On annual AGM and forestry conferences/workshops (Free for Associate and Affiliate Membership paying over $375 in fees)
  • On public events with a fee structure (same as above)
  • First Nations Compliance Management System (Affiliate Membership – non-FN)

*Benefits are subject to change.