"We believe First Nations have the ability to not only fill the critical BC forest labour need, but also shape what the forestry workforce in BC will look like."

We are now approaching our 10th anniversary working as a non-profit society supporting all First Nations in BC in their forestry activities. The First Nations Forestry Council (FNFC) seeks to bring opportunities in the forest industry to communities to empower First Nations in BC to act as the stewards and caretakers of their forest while receiving the benefits of activities within their territories through tenure, training and revenue sharing.

FNFC is a key resource for Nations, providing full forestry decision support and compliance support through a decade of: studies, data collection, on the ground work, and relationship building to empower the diverse needs of the First Nations within British Columbia.

Today one of our most important areas of work is the Workforce Initiative. The Initiative seeks to increase the number of skilled and successful First Nations individuals employed and involved in the forest economy. One of the key components of the Initiative is the First Nations Forestry Training Program, designed to match students with sponsoring companies and provide individually structured training.

Research shows us that there is a very clear and immediate window of opportunity for First Nations to become significantly involved in the forest sector. In less than 10 years there will be an estimated 60% turnover of the forestry workforce. FNFC is committed to ensuring we do not miss this opportunity.

First Nations Forestry Student Training Program

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